The new ARRI Signature Prime lenses are specially designed for ARRI ALEXA LF film cameras and offer a completely new approach to imaging. On the big screen, this is fully revealed - an incredibly realistic, lively, volumetric and contrasting image.

Very lightweight, high-aperture lenses with irreproachable mechanics are fully compatible with all ARRI accessories, and via a special PL-LPL adapter with any other professional film cameras.

Features of the new cinelenses:

  • Warm skin tones

  • Correct color rendering

  • Soft bokeh and overtones

  • Contrasting effect over the entire area of the frame

  • Exceptional sharpness in fine detail

  • No breath influence when readjusting focus

  • Minimum chromatic aberrations

  • Enhanced Lens to Camera Metadata Exchange System (LDS2)

  • Detachable magnetic filter holder at rear flange to create effects.

  • The diameter of the projected image spot is 46mm.