Full ranges of discrete spherical lenses from Carl Zeiss StandartMaster PrimeUltra Prime, including 8R/2.8Ultra Prime LDSLOMO (PL-mount) 2003005007501000mm andCOOKE 317406. ARRI/Leica 16, 60 and 100mm macro objectives and ARRI Master Diopter macro lenses meet the needs of the most demanding cameramen and directors of feature films.

COOKE Anamorphic and LOMO 30  300mm (PL-mount)anamorphic lens product lines. Tests of Cooke Anamorphic/i Prime -Anamorphic Lenses: videoclip # 1#2#3

Translocators ARRI ALURA T2.6 45 250mmCarl Zeiss LWZ 15.5 45mm T2.6Fujinon Premier 18-85mm and 75-400mm and a full product line ofCZ.2 15-30/28-80/70-200mmCooke Cinetal/Varotal 25-250mm T 3.7 and Cooke 18-100mm T 3.1