Scenery requisites and film cameras

All film cameras have video control, a variable shutter aperture angle and a continuously adjustable shooting speed through a user-friendly menu. Cameras can be equipped with SACHTLER or O'CONNOR tripods and tripod heads. An additional head SACHTLER DUTCH HEAD is in stock to change the camera tilt angle in the 3rd plane.

Camera Technique Complex has also in its arsenal the well tried and tested and proven by the most challenging filming ARRI BL EVOLUTION film cameras and 16mm ARRIFLEX 16SR3 cameras.

Only the Mosfilm film studio has preserved a unique and richest collection of old Soviet and foreign filming equipment. All this equipment is available in our rental!

More than 60 units of lighting fixtures - from KPL15 to KPD90 DIG. All devices are "functionally operative", adapted to connect from a 220V household network with grounding. More than 30 units of cine cameras (Bell&Howell, Debrie Le Parvo, Mitchell NC, Eyemo, Arriflex, KS-50, Rodina, Druzhba, KONVAS, SK, etc.)

Camera cranes and dollies from the 1950s - 60s, cine camera tripods, coffers, reel containers - and much more.

We have vast experience in helping to recreate a film set of a certain period or era, holding various events, decorating exhibitions, corporate parties, celebrations, filming television programs.