Auxiliary cameraman's equipment



MAX and Mini MAX are non-standard and in their own way unique stands developed by MSE for use with lighting fixtures, as well as for quick installation of cameras, shooting auxiliary equipment or decorations in hard-to-reach places. They are often used where conventional tripods (stands) and camera cranes are not possible. Ideal for studio works.

MAX- big tripod It has the reach and lifting height of up to 6 meters. Lifting capacity from 34 to 80 kg depending on arm length. In the horizontal position, the arm can be installed at a height of 3 meters. When folded, it has a size of about 2m and weighs about 85kg.

Mini MAX is significantly smaller in size and lighter in weight. It can be used to lift a studio lamp weighing up to 6.8kg to a height of up to 4m (with an arm length of 2.7m). Decreasing the arm length, you can increase the weight of the equipment. The Mini MAX design allows installing on uneven floors such as steps. When folded, it has a size of 173cm and weighs 11.4 kg.

Camera cranes

The reliable PHOENIX sectional camera crane with an arm outreach of 8.5 meters (cameraman only) and the MT-400 crane, which also has a modular design and can lift the cameraman to a height of 6 meters, and the cameraman and his assistant to a height of 4 meters, have a smoother and more freely running in comparison with other equivalents, and excellent ergonomics.

The MT-400 crane can be equipped with 2 or 3-plane non-stabilized heads HOTHEAD-II and DA VINCI (height up to 11 meters), which significantly expands the possibilities for realization of the ideas of the director and cameraman.

CINE JIB camera cranewith the functions of camera dolly, the maximum platform lifting height is 3.5 meters. The crane kit includes everything you need to take the most difficult shots.

Camera dollies

MAGNUM camera dolly is a multi-purpose dolly with a programmable electromechanical column pillar and combined wheels, which allows carrying out filming both with Big Wheel Set - on pneumatic wheels (studio wheels) and along the track. It can be equipped with a DUO JIB crane arm with a maximum platform lifting height of up to 3 meters or a LOW RIG "bottom point" for taking a snapshot "from the floor".

PANTHER camera dolly is a universal dolly with very smooth column pillar running. It can be completed with:

  • SUPER JIB II crane arm
  • adjustable crane arm VARIO JIB (2.6m long).

U-BANGI (90 cm, 140 cm, 200 cm)- is a slider arrangement providing a smooth and easy horizontal running of the camera turnable on 360*.

DINO camera dolly equipped with a complete set of camera mounts and combined wheels; MINI JIB crane arm (1.2m) for filming in interiors; it is possible to work in a "narrow version" (from 40 cm) within confined scenes.

Movie Tech Sprinter Max Kit camera dolly is a lightweight camera dolly that can be used on both conventional wheels and track ones. Complete with: additional side platforms, Low Rig, Mini Jib arm.

Mini dolly Scater Mini for installing the camera only. Used for taking packshots in advertisements, or super close-ups, for example, a camera passages on a desk.

Wind Machines

Wind Machines,180 W to 4 kW, with continuously adjustable rotating speed

  • Mini Scater Dolly
  • Panther Dolly on ice skate
  • Magnum Dolly
  • Lightweight tripod crane arm Panther MultiGlider
  • Sprinter Dolly on skis
  • SPRINTER MovieTECH camera dolly on skis
  • Wind machine
  • Wind machine 4 kW
  • Steadycam Master, the camera-stabilizing mount
  • FullHD picture control on Steadycam Master
  • Steadycam Master on any camera dolly