Lighting fixtures

  • LED devices ARRI SkyPanel S30-C/S60-C/S120-C/S360-C, ASTERA Helios/Titan/Hyperion Tube, ARRI L7-C, LoCaster, Quazar Science, LitePanel, LiteMate Hybrid/Spectrum, LiteTile, Rosco DMG Lumiere MAXI MIX, LightStar LUXED/AIRLITE with unlimited adjustment possibilities via mobile applications.
  • ARRI devices with color temperature 5600K (HMI), 200W to 18kW;
  • ARRI devices with color temperature 3200K (TUNGSTEN), 350W to 20kW;
  • ARRISUN (PAR) lighting fixtureswith a set of interchangeable lenses, 575W to 12kW;
  • KINOFLO, MINIFLO lighting fixtures;
  • Light cannon - equipmentOPERA 2.5 kW(HMI);
  • Powerful strobe (lightning effect) HUNGAROFLASHT-LIGHTeffect 85 kW;
  • Dedolight 100 W and 400 W lighting fixtures (HMI);
  • Floodlamp fixturesSpaceLight4.5Kw 2Kw;
  • Wide breadth of tripods (stands) and diffusers for lighting fixtures for any cameraman's tasks - from "base" to 6-meter.
  • Presentation of Dedolight Lightstream lighting fixtures at Mosfilm