The camera is equipped with a super 35mm image sensor with a PL-mount. This makes it possible to use the entire range of cine optics.

Light weight, small dimensions and low power consumption, high sensitivity, powerful noise reduction system, recording on SxS memory cards.

Allows professional recording of 2 audio channels (XLR I/O).

If you desire, you can use photographic optic simply by replacing PL-mount with EF-mount.

A simple solution for high-quality actor's casting.

What does the kit include?

  • 1 PL-EF mount (interchangeable camera lens mount)
  • 1 x SONY USB Card Reader for SxS memory cards
  • 4 x SONY memory card, SxS pro
  • 3 rechargeable battery SONY 2BPU60

  • 1 SONY BCU2 battery charger
  • 1 card adapter for memory stick (MEADMS01)
  • 1 card adapter for SD (MEADSD01)
  • 1 on-camera plate with mounts for supports 19mm

You may need