Based on the previous bestselling model ARRI ALEXA+, the only difference SXT index cameras have is fully integrated CODEX Onboard recorders. Cameras were developed using ARRI image formation and CODEX recording and signal processing technologies.

The integrated CODEX recorder allows you to capture the highest quality content in ARRIRAW formats (Digital Negative, recording to 512Gb SSDs) in 4K resolution and Apple ProRes (422 to 4444XQ).

The camera is convenient for handheld shooting and is fully compatible with all ARRI and third-party accessories.

Wide exposal interval (up to 14 stops), extremely low noise level, unique color reproduction of skin tones (with great possibilities for subsequent color grading), cinematographic focusing depth, basic sensitivity of ISO 800 (160 to 3200) and the ability to shoot High-Speed Recording up to 120 frames/ sec in 16:9 format or up to 90 frames/sec in OpenGate mode.

Cameramen, directors and producers are appreciates greatly its truly "film-like" picture, color reproduction and "plastique".

What does the kit include?

  • 1 x rechargeable battery 24/12v
  • 4 x 12v rechargeable battery V-lock  / 1 charger
  • 1 ARRI LMB Matte box
  • 1 Follow Focus ARRI
  • 1 tripod head (Sachtler/OConnor)
  • 3 Sachtler Tripod (high, medium, small)
  • 1 power adapter ARRI
  • 4 memory card SONY SxS pro 64Gb

  • 1 adapter SxS - Codex
  • 1 USB Card Reader for SxS cards
  • 4 storage card Codex 512GB
  • 1 ARRI Viewfinder 
  • 1 on-camera plate ARRI
  • 1 ARRI Rain Cover
  • 1 Shoulder Pad
  • 1 camera ARRI transport case  
  • 9 x ARRI ND IR Internal Replacement Filters (Kit)
  • 1 x supports 19 mm - 400 mm

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