ARRI Alexa Mini (ARRIRAW/4:3)


The most popular ARRI camera today. Lightweight and compact cine camera in a carbon body, format Super 35mm. Notwithstanding that ALEXA Mini was initially positioned as an additional camera, it is successfully used when shooting commercials, clips, serials, etc. as a camera A. Due to its light weight, it is ideal for steadicams, copters, any electronic stabilization systems. There is a replaceable PL-LPL mount.

Of the salient features of the camera:

  • recording on CFast 2.0 256 Gb cards;
  • recording at 4K-UHD, 2K, HD 1080i and 1080p resolutions;
  • integrated ND filters; control of parameters via Wi-Fi or via ARRI WCU-4 wireless follow focus system;
  • integrated wireless unit for controlling lens parameters.

More technical information on the manufacturer's website.

All our cameras undergo regular and preventive maintenance and are equipped with a professional ARRI rig system.

What does the kit include?

  • 4 x 12v rechargeable battery V-lock / 1 charger
  • 1 Bebob V-mount Power Splitting Box (battery plate)
  • 1 ARRI LMB Matte box
  • 1 Follow Focus ARRI
  • 1 tripod head (Sachtler/OConnor)
  • 3 Sachtler Tripod (high, medium, small)
  • 1 power adapter ARRI 
  • 3 memory card CFast 2.0 Card 256 GB 
  • 1 x CODEX card reader CFAST2.0 (USB3)
  • 1 ARRI MVF-1 OLED/LCD Viewfinder 
  • 1 on-camera plate ARRI
  • 1 ARRI Rain Cover 
  • 1 Shoulder Pad
  • 1 x supports 19 mm - 400 mm
  • 1 camera ARRI transport case

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